Mastervolt a reliable and innovative autonomous power solutions. Our management, conversion and storage of electrical energy offer a comprehensive product portfolio with a power range from 300 W to 40 kWatt. 

All Mastervolt products comply with marine class requirement (see relevant product specifications for details):

Discover our wide range of battery chargers, inverters, Combis, DC-DC converters and solar charge regulators. We have everything you need for advanced charging and reliable power conversion.


Mastervolt have a series of equipment that will suit your need and application.

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Battery chargers

Mastervolt offers four types of battery chargers to suit your needs

Mass series:

For the tougher tasks in professional and semi-professional situations. With its integrated alarm functions and various approvals, the Mass is the best choice for professionals.

ChargeMaster and ChargeMaster Plus series:

The ChargeMaster series is suitable for recreational and semi-professional use. It is easy to install and includes a detailed display and easy controls. The ChargeMaster safely charges multiple battery banks at the same time, anywhere in the world.

The ChargeMaster Plus is a new generation of battery chargers that will replace the ChargeMaster in stages. The ChargeMaster Plus combines three battery chargers, a battery isolator and VSR in one compact device. This all-in-one solution can charge all batteries, even when you’re on the go. Now also CZone compatible!

EasyCharge series: 

Entry level model with proven Mastervolt 3-step+ charge characteristic, in a waterproof epoxy-filled, non-corrosive enclosure.

EasyCharge Portable: 

For people on the move, the portable version offers a rugged solution that can be used everywhere.

Combis (Inverter/Charger Combination)

Mastervolt inverter/charger combinations integrate  a powerful battery charger, a quiet and efficient inverter and a versatile switching system in one robust, lightweight and compact device. This multi-faceted product offers a carefree power supply for recreational and professional use. 


This latest Mastervolt innovation delivers unmatched performance at an unprecedented price, and offers the best of both worlds: an advanced battery charger and a quiet inverter combined in one compact device. The CombiMaster is easy to install without expert know-how thanks to plug & play capability. Compatible for communication with MasterBus, CZone and NMEA 2000, the CombiMaster ranges from 1600 to 2600 watt. Suitable for recreational and semi-professional use.

Mass Combi Ultra

The Mass Combi Ultra is more compact, stronger and more efficient. In addition to easy installation and higher capacities, the Combi Ultra has various unique benefits such as full capacity in high temperatures, an integrated solar charge regulator, and separate grid power and generator inputs. Up to ten units can be parallel switched plus a 3-phase power supply. Available for systems ranging from 3,000 watt to 40 kW, designed for professional and semi-professional use.

Mass Combi Pro

The Mass Combi Pro is the perfect solution for professional applications. This version has all the Mass Combi Ultra features but without solar input and secondary charger. The Pro provides the optimal balance of strength, versatility and cost.

DC-DC Converters

A DC-DC converter can provide other voltages than those applied in your basic system. By using a DC-DC converter, other voltages can be reached.

They also ensure that all your equipment has a stable power supply with the right voltage.

The Magic models can regulate the voltage both up and down to ensure an optimal voltage stabilisation, even when the battery voltage fluctuates due to heavy loads. The galvanic isolation between input and output prevents disruptions to, for instance, communication equipment. 

The Mac Plus is ideal for charging service batteries in vehicles with a smart Euro 5/6 alternator. The Mac Plus charges the batteries quickly, even when the alternator is inactive and the battery voltage very low. The automatic start/stop function ensures that empty starter batteries become a thing of the past. The Mac Plus comes with integrated MasterBus (CAN) communication and E-mark certification. It seamlessly charges Lithium Ion, Gel and AGM batteries via the tried and tested Mastervolt 3-stage charging method.

Sine Wave Inverters

 Mastervolt offers a complete range of inverters from 300 watt to 40 kwatt, for 230V/50Hz as well as 120V/60Hz (American voltage).

Completely independent

Grid power regularly fluctuates and can cause your lights to flicker. Sometimes it may even drop below 180 volt, causing some devices to stop functioning. The Mastervolt sine wave inverter ensures a perfect AC voltage, and makes power problems a thing of the past. The pure sine wave technology also helps protect your equipment against failures, humming or interference on monitors or TV’s and ensures a longer lifespan.

Which Mastervolt sine wave inverter fits your needs?

Mass Sine Ultra

This model is intended for professional applications with high power demands, and extends the Mass Sine series. With 4 kW AC power, the Mass Sine Ultra meets the highest energy requirements. Latest technology increases the efficiency and enables multiple units to work in parallel and 3-phase configuration.

Mass Sine

These high-quality sine wave inverters have proven themselves in the most extreme conditions for over twenty-five years. Although the dimensions and connections of the various models have remained the same, the technology has evolved, resulting in a fast, efficient, one-on-one replacement with minimal downtime.

AC Master

These affordable sine wave inverters convert 12 or 24 V battery voltage into reliable grid power, making it ideal for recreational and semi-professional applications.

No humming with HF technology

Our use of high-frequency switch technology means you can say goodbye to humming transformers and hello to efficiency. Mastervolt inverters are also small and lightweight to ensure easy installation.

High peak power during start-up

Mastervolt sine wave inverters can deliver high peak power (up to 200 %) to equipment that requires extra current for a short period of time while powering up.

Simple and safe to connect

The inverters feature robust connection technology, internal in the larger models and a plug & play socket with cable for the smaller models.

Efficient use of batteries

A high efficiency when inverting and an automatic economy mode when there is no consumption gives you longer use of your batteries.

Pure Sine Wave

Mastervolt inverters generate a sine wave shaped output current similar or even better than that of the public grid and perfectly suited for powering sensitive equipment.

MasterBus Compatible

Every Mass Sine (Ultra) inverter can be easily connected to a MasterBus network with only one cable and one connection. You can also choose central, local or remote monitoring, configuration and control of your system.

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