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rainman logo Rainman Technology offers a range of products related to our portable desalinator systems. Our pressure supply units (PSU) are manufactured for use with either electric or petrol (gasoline), and are designed to be coupled with one of our three reverse osmosis membrane options. Consumables and spare parts are also available.




Demand for fresh water on Sea has increased dramatically in recent decades. Many of us now expect daily fresh water showers, pressurised plumbing, and unlimited drinking/washing water. Until now, the only option has been a complex system built into your boat. The high cost, complexity, and maintenance requirements of such systems have been daunting. At Rainman Desalination, we have developed the world’s first simple, low maintenance, and inexpensive water maker that doesn’t need to be installed in to your boat.


Remote Area & Emergency Response

Living in small remote areas, entire villages may be found completely isolated, without electricity, and without fresh water. Without preparation, the entire village can be in a dire struggle for life. In survival situations, fresh water is at the top of the priority list after immediate physical danger. Acquiring a Rainman watermaker is a small investment for communities potentially exposed to cyclones and other natural disasters.



Militaries around the world use reverse osmosis as their default filtration system. When space and weight is a premium, militaries need the smallest and lightest portable system available. Rainman desalination is the most portable system around.

  • Easily carried in two pieces
  • Stores easily with other equipment
  • Simple design means reliable and field serviceable
  • Top quality components and materials adds reliability and corrosion resistance



Consumable Part

PLEATED PAPER 5 MICRON PRE-FILTER CARTRIDGE The life of your pre-filter cartridge will depend largely on the source water being used. Drawing water out of the open ocean may allow your pre-filter cartridge last for several months, while drawing from polluted bays may foul your cartridge within hours of use. The cartridge is a 10? x 2.5? 5 micron pleated paper filter. These inexpensive cartridges are widely used and available throughout the world from water filtration retailers and hardware stores. Please note it is very important to use a 5 micron filter with this system to protect the RO membranes and the high pressure pump.



With proper care, your reverse osmosis membranes will last for years. Due to the nature of reverse osmosis, the membranes self-clean while the system is in use. However, when the system goes unused for an extended period of time, the membranes need to be “pickled” to ensure bacteria doesn’t grow inside and damage the membranes. The powder itself is sodium metbisulfite and dissolves easily in cold water. It is safe and widely used in the food and beverage industry. This chemical is widely used and available easily from home brew and wine making retailers, among others. The length of time your system can sit idle without pickling is largely dependent on air and water temperature.



The lift pump in any of the Rainman pressure supply units contains a small rubber impeller and is considered a consumable item. Life of the impeller will vary with use, but in general it might require changing every couple of years.