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Henan Diesel Engine Industry Co., Ltd is a member of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) and the research and manufacturing base of high and medium-speed, high power diesel engines in China, specialized in manufacturing, sale and service of diesel engines, gas engines, diesel generating sets, gas generating sets and emergency/fire pump sets.

It introduced the licensed technology from DEUTZ-MWM Company, Germany in 1985 and has produced series MWM234 diesel engines in V6, V8 and V12 and series MWM604BL6 diesel engines and TBD620V8, V12 and V16 diesel engines. It has researched and developed series TBD236 and TBD620L6 diesel engines and gas engines with its own intellectual property.

In 2007, the company obtained the license of manufacturing L16/24 and L21/31 engines from MAN B&W Co., and began batch production in 2008. At present, the output of diesel engines covers 110 kW~2336 kW and that of diesel generating sets covers 80 kW~1700 kW.






Mechanical Fuel Pump System


Common-Rail Fuel System


C:  Continuous duty

Unrestricted load operation, load factor up yo 80-100%, typical running hours more than 5000hrs/year       

H: Heavy duty

Varied load operation, allow 8 hours full load every 12 hrs, mean engine load factor: 30 - 80%, typical running hours up to 5000 hrs / yr